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Patient-specific Navigator Service

We understand that when every patient faces the enemy of cancer, their condition and treatment direction are often full of fear because of the incomplete information. The patient at this time is as helpless as being trapped in a labyrinth or lost in the sea.
When the patients at the Taipei Cancer Center walked into the hospital, Nurse Navigator will provide a cancer care plan that meets their individual needs. They will also assist patients and their families to participate in and solve related problems in the treatment of cancer.

They are nursing staff with extensive knowledge and experience in cancer care and are the best caregivers in the clinic. On the clinical side, they are leading the patient and the medical team to find the most appropriate personal treatment. In life and psychology, they are the strongest supporters, allowing patients and their families to have peace of mind and confidence in the treatment process, and accompany them to embark on a long process of fighting cancer.

After the patient has cancer, the patient has to face many challenges. Where should we start? Which few divisions should I see? When should I do this? The patient is unclear about these processes and is in a state of turmoil, and Nurse Navigator will inform and assist with the medical process.
When Nurse Navigator contacts the patient, they first collect all the information related to the condition and the needs of the patient and family, and then discuss it with the attending doctor. In this way, they will arrange for other specialists and dedicated attending doctors to be consulted together to find the most suitable treatment plan for the patient.
The personalized all-round service provided by Nurse Navigator is designed to allow cancer patients to receive professional treatment without worrying about losing their energy and money.

Nurse Navigator Care Process