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Precision Medicine

What is precision medicine for cancer?
It is to find out the source of cancer, that is, the mutation of the gene, accurately select the medicine and dosage suitable for the individual, improve the effectiveness of prevention and treatment, and reduce side effects. – Professor Yen Yun (former president of Taipei Medical University, academician of National Academy of Inventors, internationally renowned expert in cancer translation medicine)

Taipei Cancer Center, the pilot team of holistic medical care, is an indicator of precision medicine
Taipei Cancer Center, the pilot team of holistic medical care, is an indicator of precision medicine
The Taipei Cancer Center at Taipei Medical University is the first international cancer center in Taiwan to combine domestic and international oncology research and clinical treatment.
Our multi-disciplinary care team is based on cancer medical experts to lead caregivers, pharmacists, dieticians, social workers, psychologists and medical professionals in all fields. In this way, we provide high-quality integrated medical services from prevention, counseling, diagnosis, treatment, care to follow-up.
Our precision medicine is led by the founding president of the Taipei Cancer Center, Academia Sinica academician Peng Wangjiakang, and the former president of the Taipei Medical University and the member of the National Academy of Inventors professor Yen Yun and his molecular pathology laboratory. In addition, experts and scholars from the Cancer Translation Research Center of Taipei Medical University have adopted the latest methods and treatment plans to provide advanced and effective treatment for patients’ individual needs.

Three Characteristics

  • The Taiwan Society of Pathology certified professional laboratory with state-of-the-art instruments to provide appropriate precision medical testing.

  • A full range of molecular oncology medical experts and biomedical information processing teams use the globally synchronized Oncology Knowledgebase Reporter to discuss and analyze report results.

  • A team of physicians with strength and practical experience to provide a complete interpretation of your report and to develop a treatment plan.

Precision Medical Testing Process