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Referral information

The diagnosis and treatment course of childhood cancer are sometimes very complex and require multidisciplinary and individualized therapy. Taipei Cancer Center welcomes discussions with domestic and international physicians to seek the best treatment plan and opportunities for your patients.
When you are making contact with Taipei Cancer Center, please provide the following information for second opinions or consultations:

  • Referring physician’s name and contact

  • Name of the patient

  • Birthday of the patient

  • Contact of the patient

  • Diagnosis and treatment summary of the patient

Making the Referral

1. Direct telephone contact with Taipei Cancer Center
Call: +886-2-6636-9060.
Service hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00–17:00. Saturday: 8:00–12:00.

Email: Please send electronic files and/or materials to:

2. Please use our Online Referral form.

If you need a doctor’s online referral, consultation or second opinion consultation, please fill in the following basic information, we will take the initiative to contact you.


Patient Information

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